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Welcome to a rain-or-shine adventure! Keeping your child safe and comfortable to fully participate in the outdoor classroom is our top priority. Parents are our vital partners in this. As the saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." Chickadees must arrive at school with appropriate clothing. Here is an overview of your child's basic clothing requirements.







Rain jacket and rain pants

A rain suit is another option. Muddy Buddy and Celavi are two brands that make these suits and pants for children. Whatever you choose, it should have a hood--and a hood or hat with a brim will keep the rain out of their eyes.

Wool, down, fleece

Your child needs to arrive with enough layers to accommodate unexpected changes in weather. We prefer layering two or three thinner shirts or sweaters rather than one bulky coat. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are fine--NO COTTON PLEASE. Please send a warm hat and an extra pair of socks to school with your child every day.

Water-friendly shoes

All footwear must be closed-toed and seasonally appropriate. Hint: The best footwear for your child during fall, winter, and spring are tall rain boots that allow for lots of splashing.

Parents: Parents

Unlike many cooperative preschools, we don’t expect parents to volunteer their time on administrative tasks, janitorial work, meetings, board membership, or making snacks for the entire class. You parents have busy lives, and we respect your time. We only expect involvement in your child’s classroom that directly benefits both you and your child. For parents who are working on their own language skills, it’s a fantastic opportunity to practice the language. Being in the classroom helps parents of all proficiency levels to know what vocabulary to practice with your child at home. Parents are their children’s first teachers. Getting involved in the classroom promotes developing your skills to enrich the home environment for language learning, which is often key to sufficient language exposure for bilingualism.

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