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For an application, please contact us

Admissions: FAQ


 Children are eligible if they will be at least 30 months old and no older than 5 years by the first day of attendance. Children must be able to use the toilet with minimal assistance and without prompting. Children do not need to speak any Spanish on entering any quarter of our program. They are here to learn! Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and enrollment will close when all spaces are full and no later than August 31, 2024.


Application: The first step of the application process is to fill out one of our application forms. Our team will contact you within three business days to schedule your in-person interview. Order of applications is based on the date of the interview. We strongly encourage you to apply early to get the earliest interview date.

Provided spaces are available, applications will be accepted beginning on the following dates:

Spring Quarter 2024: January 25, 2024

Fall Quarter 2024: March 25, 2024



Interviews: The next step is for you and your child to meet with our director for an informal interview. These meetings are very casual, fun affairs; siblings are welcome and we meet on location at Haller Park so you can see where drop-off and pick-up happen each day of school--hint: wear your walking shoes! The purpose of the interview is simply to make sure your child is a good fit for our preschool and our preschool is a good fit for your child, mutually. You will be notified of the final status of your application by email within two business days. 

Families who pay in full for the school year guarantee a space for their child in Winter and Spring Quarters. Students enrolled in Fall Quarter must reapply and pay the application fee for each quarter but priority will be given to matriculated students. Repeat interviews are not required.


Families are required to enroll for at least one quarter; however, a monthly payment schedule is available. Optionally, families can enroll in the full school year at a 5% discount. To enroll in the full school year, families must select the annual payment schedule (below). Siblings can be enrolled for a 3.5% discount, or a maximum 8% discount total for siblings enrolling with the annual tuition discount.​

Tuition is on a sliding scale in order to allow families to assist other families with greater financial need. The base tuition cost is listed first. Families may choose to pay the base rate, the silver tier or the gold tier tuition rate. 100% of silver and gold tier tuition above the base rate goes directly to covering tuition costs for families with demonstrated need. Gold tier families fund a fully subsidized scholarship for one child, and silver tier families fund 75% of a scholarship.

Tuition Choices:


Gold tier (5% discount): $4503

Silver tier (5% discount): $3940

Base cost (5% discount): $3377



Gold tier: $1580

Silver tier: $1383

Base cost: $1185 


Optional payment schedule. Monthly payments at the base tuition cost are $296.

​Families with financial need: Families with a combined income of less than $83,267 (80% of the AMI in 2024) are eligible to be placed on a subsidy waitlist and offered a space as soon as funds are available. Families with financial need pay $790 per quarter and the remaining tuition cost is subsidized by other families in the program. Families needing additional assistance are encouraged to seek external scholarship opportunities or request an extended payment schedule.

Due dates for 2024:

Annual: August 31, 2024

Quarterly: August 31, 2024, December 31, 2024, and March 31, 2025

Payment schedule: Due by the last day of the month. 

Detailed tuition, application, and eligibility information available here.

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